I have one Advice for you guys,to choose your friends wisely cose u influence each other and you dont want to feel down in any way,
I have many friends and I feel loved by them,we care,we laugh,we cry,we share everything, there is one that ive known recently he is talented at sketching and drawing, I concider him an ARTIST,i will leave his Instagram down below in case you want to take a look at his works,we barely knew each other and he made a portrait for me I was surprised, it was in a short time, I like it ,it`s the one in the cover,I hope you liked it guys and Dont forget to be happy, smile , you are lovable,inspring,and you can have good influence on people,YOU JUST GOTTA SMILE MORE.
My friends IG: https://www.instagram.com/aphonic_feral/