Note how I addressed this. "Person" because this state of feeling second best, replaced and inadequate is shared by everyone despite their gender age race religion etc

It might be in academics, sports, job, special skill, relationship or simply in the task of living you have always felt second best haven't you ?

No matter how much you try the long hours you put in to work it sometimes mean nothing in the end when you get your usual place as the second best. You feel replaced depressed and completely angry at your whole existence.

I feel the same too. How come the ones who try the hardest ends up with no new results ? Why are we always assigned the same place?

Well I don't know. I started writing this with the hope that maybe somewhere midway I'll get some deep understanding about the cosmical workings of life but I don't , I haven't. Nothing's changed. But what I can tell you is maybe what we get is okay. This is not a cliché where I tell you that someday your work will get rewarded and you'll get the appreciation you deserve. I'll be rooting for you if it happens but even if it doesn't even if nothing changes even if you keep getting replaced and keep being the second best I'm here to tell you that it's okay , you are doing the best you can so it's okay. Breathe & Be Okay