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Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. I'm really sucking at the challenge at the moment. Some family things came up and I had to visit my dad in the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday and then on Tuesday I was way to tired due to the night before. So it's been a long week for me. I hope everyone else has been having a good week and a good start to the weekend!!

Day 11; Write a letter to your 8 y/o self

Dear little Abby,

I want you to know that a lot of things are about to change in your life. You're going to move around a bit in the next few years, you'll learn that people aren't very nice. But that's okay, you'll meet some really great people eventually. It will take some time and you'll have to meet lots of mean girls and fake friends. But you'll get there, these friends might not be who you expect but they are there for you. Appreciate them!

It's been rough these last few years, but I've gotten through it. I want to tell you to try not to resent your dad. I know it will be hard but, he did try to be a good dad. He was a good dad for a while. Make sure to be nice to mom, she's going through so much right now. She doesn't really have Scott to be there for her. And it's going to be hard because you're so much like dad.

Sadly, you're going to witness a lot of death, some people close to you and some not. You'll probably block it all out, that's okay though. I know you'll find a way to deal with it and get out your emotions.

This little letter has been depressing, I'm sorry Abby. Make sure to believe in yourself because you're going to need to rely on yourself. Just remember that your family loves you and that you will get through this mess. Be happy, Stay positive. I didn't, but if I read this when I was your age maybe I would have figured out how to be more positive.

Much Love,
Your future self

Okay if you made it this far then good job! I know it was a little depressing. And I'm sorry about that. Anyways,


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