The stereotype of the perfect woman has always haunted me for years in movies, music videos, series and celebrities. Being fat was something “gross”, fat girls were the irrelevant character to make fun of and certain pieces of clothes were simply not for them. The society and the media made a clear message: you are not beautiful. And I believed it.

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In school, I had a lot of times where people remind me that I was less than them because of my weight. Stereotypes takes an important role because they are the justification of this manner. People think that because you are fat you are daydreaming about get your mouth full of food. As I grow up, the hate about myself increases a lot, but instead of bear with the mockery I built an armor that protect me from getting hurt. I also realize that these people weren´t important to me so why care about what they said. The only person that can hurt me were myself every time I depreciate me.

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One year I explode, I hated so much the way I look that I started to work out the whole summer. It has been the first time since a long time that I didn´t feel bad or insecure about myself. My body change a lot and finally, for the first time, I could start to love myself. But this wasn´t permanent I could work out for hours, but I still believe of not being beautiful.

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Now I learn that being beautiful has nothing to do with your weight. I had a lot of time where I learn that being the person I am today with my values, goals and imperfections made me beautiful. I can´t deny that they are days where my self-esteem is low, but I still try to love me because I know I deserve it. I want to tell you that beauty is more than you think it is and that no matter what happen society will always tell you that you are not enough and that´s not true.

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Frau Neuer
Frau Neuer