So recently I hit 1,000 followers, and even more recently I hit 1,100 followers. First, I need to say


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You hear this thing everyday, “omg I wasn’t expecting getting this many followers” “wow this is such a surprise” sOOOO...
Here’s your daily one of those—

I really wasn’t expecting to get that far, here on WHI. I’m not even a Heartist, cool writer badged person or even in the WHI Writers Team (if I tried, I probably wouldn’t be accepted). So it really means a lot to me that there are people who share my interests and enjoy my content. A lot of people follow me for my themes:
or my writing:
and especially with the writing, which has been a newer passion I’ve discovered, it’s definitely amazing to get support on that! So thank you ^~^ so much! * sends unconditional love and support *

On another note, remember how I said I’d do a poem-story series? Well, I’m thinking of aCTUALLY doing that, like instead of procrastinating, so if you’d be interested in that, drop a heart or react! Honestly, I really enjoy seeing people’s reactions left on my articles.

Finalllllly, I’ll try to post a real article soon, not counting poetry. I’ve been busy and unproductive, so yeah :,,) r.i.p. me

check out me:

i think i’m pretty cool for trash ;) jk jk do what you want i’m not a smooth “i-get-10-followers-every-day” type of person

Have a nice day/night, thanks for reading!