I've really been feeling 80's vibes the past month or so, and I'm finding more and more recent music feeling that too. Love it!! It gets my heart all giddy, my limbs moving and on bad days, it makes me feel that everything really is okay.

When I'm With Him - Empress Of

album, curly hair, and girl image dance image
This song is gorgeous

Plum - Troye Sivan

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as well as Lucky Strike, My My My and the rest of BLOOM, get me movin every time.

Peach - Broods

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There's a bit of a fruity theme going on here...

You Don't Know - Leon Bridges

purple, aesthetic, and disco image the 1975, music, and pink image

Electricity - Dua Lipa, Silk City, Diplo, Mark Ronson

dua lipa image electricity, music video, and dua lipa image

I Wish I Missed My Ex - Mahalia

aesthetic, vintage, and 80s image beautiful, girl, and hair image

Tieduprightnow - Parcels

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More 70's but really groovin

Damn Loyal - Eves Karydas

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Pink Lemonade - James Bay

Image by ฦฎั’แผฐส‚ Iแตดษฒ'สˆ แ™ขแถ“ Image removed

Dancing Like This - Hajk

couple, Relationship, and goals image love and couple image girl, music, and dance image 90s, aesthetic, and hair image

Sucker Punch - Sigrid

icon and Sigrid image aesthetic, blue, and green image

Lovers - Anna Of The North

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You may recognise this song from a certain hot tub scene.. beautiful song.

In My Way - MUNA

bike, friends, and summer image love, couple, and black and white image

That's quite a list, I have so many songs I'm enjoying right now and couldn't resist sharing these get happy ones. Hope you're having a lovely day/night and enjoy some of these recs x