This time I wanted to talk you about my first diet ever, and how it's going!

Now, I've never been on a diet as you could have guessed by the title. That's why I didn't made it too harsh for me.


No sugar, no flour.

I used to eat cookies, toasts, and pasta everyday and drink hot chocolate with many spoons of sugar. And some candy too.
A complete disaster.

So I befriended red apples!

Temporarily removed autumn, candle, and apple image

I started eating cereal instead of cookies. Bannanas instead of chocolate.

After a week of eating an apple everyday, drinking tons of water, and avoiding sugar and flavour pretty well, I can tell you that I can already see the difference, and feel it too.

On weekends:

I'm allowed to eat some ice cream, or cookies (no too much) and also a little bit of chocolate.

If I break the rules, then i'd have to eat another apple and drink more water.

It's an easy diet to start being more healthy!
Oh, and don't forget to do some excercise, even a little is better than nothing at all.

Thank you for reading!!