I have been suffocated by the smoke
But Its aroma hypnotized me.
Her warm blood
Rolled on the floor
Its was what kill me that autum.
Its stylized figure,elongated
Made me more human
More observer and helpful
I wannt to look at for her
Because everything about her made me fall in love of that place.
The flame that shoned in their interior
It was life,
And Strength.
The fire that emanated from her
It made me believe in myself.
I didnt knew there were four elements
Untill i met her.
A lot less know, that this little object
Was connected to them,
I understood Oxygen could stoked it or extinguished
But also I know what The soil was protecting
Well He rised for defended her of the danger, like she was his youngest sister.
And the water was the only one that could kill her forever
He was his friend
But also his enemy
It was his beloved
But The fallen wax was his symptom
His symptom that soon would die