the hall is empty now,
it's our time to escape
from the haunted castle
that kept us locked.
take my hand,
don't dare to stay behind
don't let go, we can get lost
it's you and I don't let me go.

Don't close your eyes
you might miss a step,
you might even fall.
Take a breath and walk along
your hands are cold ...

it's okay to be scared
I am too, you know?
but the maniac bastard
that kept us here is gone,
so you don't have to be afraid
I am here with you

he won't know what hit him
if we hide behind the trees
we then will be free,
but hush, don't just count victory
we yet have to kill him when he returns,

hush, don't rush
he might be around the corner
we can let that be
but hey, your hand feels light
are you feeling like fainting?

just hold still,
I'll carry you when we are almost there
don't trip with your gown you might scream
and we can't be uncovered, that cannot be.
but hey, why don't you say something?
I'm too anxious can you see?
please tell me you'll help me
don't stay silent I..."

"why do you keep
talking to someone who does not breathe?
It's just you and me you see?
maniac bastard you call me,
but you are the one who's been talking to a corpse
and dragging it along with me".