Read while listening to: Once upon a December from Anastasia

As it goes
the world turns dark
and the lost control
will never be back.

The ones who fought
will not return,
and as I dress up
this dream comes alive
and the burns on my skin
turn invisible
and as I walk down the hall
the tears dry on my cheek.

And as I sob
my breathing turns sore
because as I slept
the bad man took my heart,
all that is left is the shell of me
and as I come back
the pieces of me
turn to glass
that is shattering.

All my life has come to this.
no more goodnights
no more sweet dreams
the death of a star
that lived within.

He is around
haunting me
in the corner,
makes it hard to believe
that one day
he was loving me.

And as I try to live
with a lump in the throat
and an arrow across me
the moments I was meant to live
disappear, they are indeed vanishing.

How did I come to this?
I was not meant for tragedy
and as I leave for eternity,
my memory starts fading,
welcoming home
after a long time suffering.