As my first article in this serie, I will start with Montreal, a city in Canada.

1- Olympic Stadium of Montreal
For those of you who are sports lovers, this is the right place for you! This stadium contains a pool, a football stadium (soccer), a training room and m much more.

2- Vieux-Port
Discover the origins and the beautiful history of the island of Montreal through the lovely roads. Filled with little shops and some luxurious restaurants, the Vieux-Port is a place where you can stay all day without getting bored out.

3- Montreal's Biodome
For the nature lovers, Montreal's Biodome is the place! It has conferences and presentations through out the day for the visitors. You can easily spend an entire day discovering new species of insects or plants. There is small restaurants and stands open to the public for snacks or meals.

4- Montreal's Downtown
Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, Apple, Banana Republic, Victoria Secret and much more shops are concentrated in the Downtown area of Montreal. Spend a day shopping with friends and family and get to see the real Montreal's life. Many restaurants and monuments are available for the visitors.

5- La Ronde
Situated near the island of Montreal, La Ronde is an attraction park with many roller costers. Mostly for teens and adults, there is still a few of roller costers open for kids. There is a lot of little stands for snack or for little games that are located everywhere throughout the park.

Of course, Montreal has a lot more to offer, but those are the best place to spend a day with your friends or your family.
Here are some more place where you could stop when you're in Montreal:
- Musée des Beaux-art;
- Pointe-à-callière;
- Mont-Royal;
- Eaton Center;
- Montreal's Casino.

More reviews upcoming soon!! :)