Midnight Girls

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, city, and dark image
insomnia, electric blue, neon signs, mint tea, stargazing, firefly jars, doodling, on notes, never has a pencil, lots of pillows, wears sweatshirts all the time, drowsy car rides, likes to make spotify playlists, reading in the flashes of street lamps light, daydreams, anxious, watches movies at 2 am.

Ocean Girls

girl, sunset, and aesthetic image girl, summer, and beach image
curly hair, dewy skin, soft edges, oversized sweaters, likes pressing flowers, keeps an art journal, writes poetry, sings in the shower, cohesive instagram theme, smells like vanilla or jasmine, wears yellow everyday, scruchies that kind of tired you get from lying in the sun for too long.

Flower Girls

makeup, rose, and girl image redhead, flowers, and freckles image
denim jackets, self destructive, realist, wishing wells, cafes, paris, love letters, sunsets on the beach, cookie dough, takes a while to open up, photography, shops exclusively online or at thrift stores, plays the piano, has a few pets, clean apartment, aviator glasses, cassette tapes, polaroids.

Sunrise Girls

girl, book, and aesthetic image girl, body, and dance image
reading books, shy in big groups, has too many plants to count, nails always done, cold weather, color coded folders, bullet journal, iced coffee, leather couches, swimming in the summertime, big windows, pastries, muted, lipsticks,freckles, raspberries.

Ice Girls

fashion, outfit, and sweater image girl, friends, and fashion image
always too cold, would die for you, rumpled bedsheets, colored hair, soft skin,l eggings, coupon game strong, sceret love for violets, does not really care about school, sarcasm, late nights, architeture, silver rings, lying in fields, probably pansexual, spare change, road trips, usually has pack of wintergreen gum on hand.

Thunderstorm Girls

Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, inspiration, and sky image
vibrant colours, dark eyes, messy hair, neon signs, lightning, speeding on the freeway, house parties, rebellious, bright clothes, smoke, wild and reckless, dangerous, motobikes.

Rainy And Grey Girls

Image removed aesthetic, girl, and life image
tired eyes, pale skin, earphones in, black clothes, quiet voice, melancholic music, combat boots, always on their phone, scarfs, hot chocolate, no makeup, astrology.

Sunset Girls

couple, love, and sunset image clouds, sky, and photography image
picnics, straight hair, unbroken promises. dimples, big hugs, speaks french, hopeless romantic, dancing around the house, self care, always kind, popular, hikes, loves warm colour.

Blue Sky Girls

sky, friends, and grunge image Temporarily removed
skateboards, long hair, long drives, loud music, denim shorts, in love with nature, dirty converse, coca cola, big smiles, genuinenly beauty, always happy, good vibes, peace sign.

Perpetual Summer Girls

aesthetic, beauty, and girl image girl, summer, and body image
late nights, sunkissed skin, falling asleep in the sun, hibiscus flowers, beach waves, freckles, tan lines, adventures, backflips, blue eyes, crop tops, frayed denim.

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