In Latin the meaning of the name Aurora derives from the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn. This name became very popular after Charles Perrault wrote the fairy tale 'The Sleeping Beauty'. Some people call her Aura or Arie for short.

23. Scorpio.

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Petite. Ivory skin. Current hair: Light blonde, medium length, tints of light pink, straight. Changes hair colour quite often, natural is strawberry blonde. Mythical-like. Dazzling sort of beauty. Light blue eyes, can tell she's endured a lot. Kind yet mysterious smile. Floral heart tattoo. More dramatic makeup at night, natural for day.

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Generally introverted but does like to go out and have a good conversation. Fascinated by psychopathology. Loves mysteries. Emits Lana Del Rey vibes. Very academic and studious, focus level is way over 100%. Wants to get things done and out of the way yet somehow always manages to do an exceptional job. Skeptical of romantic relationships. Adores pampered little dogs. Wishes she were Italian and lived somewhere better. Can pick up another language as fast as a child can learn the two times-table. Hates math, loves art. Some may say she's a little spooky but she is so in an enchanting way. Loves fantasy poetry and mythology. Has a wonderfully unique taste in film and music, cannot stand romantic comedies. The best listener, will always try to give helpful advice. Silly, the type of girl who will sing into her hairbrush and dance around her room but also the one who will be sticking needles in your voodoo doll if you ever cross her or hurt someone she loves. True goddess.

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Two words: American Apparel. Has a vintage, classic, feminine sometimes bubblegum goth twist look going on. Loves glitter, pink and blue. Silver accessories. Dramatic makeup.

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Languages and culture specifically English, German, and Italian. Loves memes, she'll have a meme for every situation. Her chihuahua. Art and fashion design. Mythology and witchcraft (no, she doesn't practice, obviously). Nature walks. Cooking. Painting. DIYs. Things and people that are different. Dramas. Horror films and novels. Makeup artistry. Women's rights. American boys. Astrology.

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Slavic. German.

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London, England

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Small one bedroom apartment in a good neighbourhood. On the outskirts of the city, but close to public transportation, short commute ~ 20 minutes. Simple indoor decor, European feel. On the same block as a used book store where she often goes after work. Always smells like roses and plum.

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Professor of German language and cultural studies. Spends a great deal of time researching and writing. Also a film critic.

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Powerful Queen who's been misunderstood. Has a dark twin sister. Carries darkness herself but uses it for the benefit of good. No husband, just her on the throne. Overcomes war and builds back a kingdom from ash. Is written in the history books as the greatest Queen to have lived and conquered.

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