This is by my point of view, the most beautiful girls, the order is not important:

1.- Lili Reinhart
I don´t know if it´s because I am in to Riverdale right now, but she is the prettiest. I mean, look at that jawline.

riverdale image Image by bree <3 riverdale, lili reinhart, and betty cooper image Temporarily removed
She is awesome.

2.- Zendaya
Her beauty is all natural, I wish a had her hair. She is a fashion icon, and her nose is so cute!

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She smiles with her look

3.- Barbara Palvin
Her eyebrows are goals, and her lips are shaped so perfectly.

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4.- Taylor Swift
I mean She is a Queen👑 that's all I'm gonna say, because is the perfect word to describe her.

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¿What other girls you think should be in this list?
(besides of me off course 😋, just kidding... I mean, I think I'm totally beautiful, but I'm not famous, so...