I miss you
I miss your voice, warm brown eyes, gentle touch
I miss your hugs that can make the worse day better in an instant
I miss your laugh, how you narrate your stories and how you always make sure your hair looks good and just in place
I miss your morning voice, your sleepy tired voice and how you try to be as patient and as loving although i know you're not a morning person
I miss listening to your thoughts and the way you perceive things
I miss telling you that i love you

I am sorry
I'm sorry i'm such a mess
I'm sorry i didn't show you how much i love you
I'm sorry i couldn't give you my best
I'm sorry i made you think that you aren't worth it
I'm sorry i took a lot and gave so little
i"m sorry i didn't take care of you the way i wanted to and should've

But thank you
Thank you for those memories that are forever in my heart
Thank you for always being there
Thank you for not only listening to my stupid problems but helping me out
Thank you for taking care of me and loving me in my worst
Thank you for always making sure i knew what i mean to you
Thank you for being patient at times when i did you wrong, and forgiving me

But i am just plain stupid
I lost you
I don't know why did i do it
I left the best thing in my life
Was it guilt?Was it stress?Was it the pms-ing?
In all cases i now realize that i am utterly and awfully stupid
I knew i would be left with regret, but did it anyways

I miss you.I love you.