1. First GOT7 song you heard
I think it was either Hard Carry or You are

2. Least favourite song of them
I don't really have one, there are a few songs that i don't really listen to but i don't have a least favourite song.

3. Cutest GOT7 member
Youngjae, my little beanie

4. Favorite picture of Jaebum

got7, jaebum, and kpop image
He posted it a few days ago but my heart skipped a beat when i saw this.

5. Favorite GOT7 moment
Right now it's when they all encouraged Youngjae to surf. My favourite moment changes occasionally

6. Favorite GOT7 song
Thank you, i always cry when it comes on

7. Favorite picture of mark

k pop, got7, and mark image
he is beautiful

8. Favorite performance
I'll add a link, it's thank you + look

9. First GOT7 bias
My first bias was either Mark or Bambam

10. Current GOT7 bias
our little sunshine, Youngjae

11. Least favorite member
We're not doing this in my household. I'm ot7 stan, i definitely don't have a least favourite member.

12. Favorite picture of Jackson

jackson, k pop, and got7 image
Little cutie

13. Best singer
wow this is tricky, it's really hard to choose because they're all good. If i have to choose, i'll go with either Youngjae or Jinyoung

14. Funniest member
Jackson or Yugyeom

15. Best rapper
This is hard too wow. I think that Bambam is the best rapper, but we all have our own tastes.

16. Your favorite OTP
I don't really have a otp but if i have to choose, it's either 2jae or Yugbam or JJP

17. Favorite picture of Jinyoung

kpop, got7, and jinyoung image

18. Favorite MV
Either You Are or Never Ever

19. Song that makes you happy
You are :)

20. Hottest member
They are all hot smh, but i think it's Jaebum

21. Put all members on bias list
Not in my household.

22. Favorite picture of Youngjae

lq, youngjae, and got7 image
my poor heart

23. Best dancer
Yugyeom or Mark

24. Best smile
They all have a beautiful smile, so every member has the best smile

25. Most badass member
Yugyeom or Jaebum :)

26. Favorite picture of Bambam

bambam, k pop, and got7 image
He looks so surreal here ohmygod

27. Why/when did you start stanning GOT7?
I knew them for a while before i started stanning them , but i started stanning them in July/August because i watched some video's and then i realized that they are precious little beans.

28. Favorite era?
Fly era, no need for more explanation

29. Which member has the closest birthday with you?
Yugyeom baby

30. Favorite picture of Yugyeom

Image removed
happy big boy

31. Why do you love GOT7?
I love them because they are themselves and they stay like themselves even though they're famous. They always cheer me up when i'm in a bad mood and they help changing my negative thoughts in positive thoughts.

Feel free to do this challenge, make sure to tag me in it! I hope you liked reading this, i had fun making this <3

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