Hi guys!

I am back with my playlist for October. I've been so bad at keeping up with comebacks lately but I hope you guys enjoy my small playlist.

Oh My! – Seventeen

Image removed gif, Seventeen, and kpop image


Image removed jin, dispatch, and bts image

Young – BAEKHYUN & Loco

loco, young, and gif image

Lullaby – GOT7

got7, JB, and kpop image got7, bambam, and yugyeom image

Countless – SHINee

Jonghyun, key, and kpop image Jonghyun, key, and SHINee image

Waste It on Me – Steve Aoki ft BTS

steve aoki and bts image

Kiss and Make Up – Dua Lipa & Blackpink

kiss and make up, blackpink, and dua lipa image

NCT 127 - Regular

gif, jaehyun, and nct image Image removed

Check out my last article. It list all of my Kpop merch that I have.

Thanks for reading and hope you guys have a great day/night. And thank you for the follow.