• Tea
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Old souls, Loves nature, Bookworms, Kindness, Gardening, Believes in old folklore, Amazed with the universe, Tiny houses, Wondering through forests.
  • Coffee
coffee, aesthetic, and cup image book, coffee, and aesthetic image
Loud music, Messy hair, Denim jackets, Dogs, Summer nights, Making promises, Competitive, Wants to change the world, Free spirits, Adventures.
  • Water
water, drink, and cool image Temporarily removed
Bright smiles, Has faith in humanity, Curiosity, Staying up late, Poetry, Nostalgia, The smell of vanilla, Mythology, Vintage shirts, Pretty handwriting.
  • hot chocolate
chocolate, drink, and food image Temporarily removed
Oversized sweaters, Winter, Rosy cheeks, Cold hands, Movie nights, Cozy, Homes, The mom friend, Loves their friends.
  • Smoothie
aesthetic, cafe, and drink image aesthetic, art, and asian image
Sunrises, Every single fruit, Pastel and bright colours, Wants to travel, Glittery Highlighter, Piano, Probably has a really nice singing voice, Patterned button-ups, Lennon glasses.
  • Milk
aesthetic, purple, and drink image white, aesthetic, and drink image
Minimalist aesthetic, Slime, videos, Wishing it was spring, Succulents, Pink shirts, Daydreaming a lot, Brown eyes, Loving hugs, Hating gender roles, Incredibly soft skin.
  • Soda
aesthetic, bag, and coca cola image Temporarily removed
Primary colors, Always being hungry, Giving advice to friends, Cartoons, Being super bubbly, Movie marathons, Fingerless gloves, Knee-high socks.
  • slushy
aesthetic, icy, and red image Temporarily removed
Dyed hair, Converse sneakers, Painted nails, Hyperactivity, Neon colors, Probably needs to shower, Convenience stores at 1 am, Holding hands, Adrenaline, Holographic stuff.
  • Lemonade
70s, aesthetic, and summer image drink, summer, and Aloha image
The reflection of light on water, Burying your feet in the sand, Lives by the bach, Backwards hat, Smells good, Beauty, Aesthetic,
  • Iced tea
drink, blue, and cocktail image orange image
Blasting music, Long road trips, Always down for adventure, Wild and a bit crazy, So pretty, Loves her friends more than anything, Smells like fruits, Has an old car, Neon nail polish, The cutest person.

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