time travel or space travel?

space, astronaut, and earth image Temporarily removed
space travel.

roses or wildflowers?

rose, flowers, and pink image flowers and bloom de fleur image

rainy days or stormy nights?

Temporarily removed rain, green, and quotes image
rainy days

long walks in the sun or bicycle rides by the sea?

Temporarily removed autumn, sun, and blue sky image
long walks in the sun

swim in the sea or gaze at the stars?

Image removed night, stars, and sky image

dragons or mermaids?

Temporarily removed dragon, sky, and fantasy image

movie theatre or arcade?

movie, film, and lize image Temporarily removed
movie theatre

carousel rides or roller coaster rides?

Image by Ronni mills sky, clouds, and Roller Coaster image
roller coasters

moonlight ore candlelight?

moonlight image Temporarily removed

fly to the moon or swim to the atlantis?

moon, quotes, and black image peter pan, disney, and fly image
fly to the moon

science or history?

art, stephen hawking, and black hole image Temporarily removed

fair or theme park?

Temporarily removed california, cinema, and fun image
theme park

coffee or tea?

aesthetic, coffee, and arabica image coffee, aesthetic, and drink image

pizza or pasta?

pizza, food, and cheese image