i have this playlist available here and i'll keep udating it :)

kanye west, Lyrics, and power image Temporarily removed
power - kanye west
funny, Get, and it image asap rocky, smile, and rap image
cocky - asap rocky
quotes, rich, and friends image frank ocean and boy image
super rich kids - frank ocean
grunge, youth, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
centuries - fall out boy
black, Lyrics, and music image billie, billie eilish, and black and white image
you should see me in a crown - billie eilish
ac dc, easel, and goals image Image removed
highway to hell - acdc
billie joe armstrong, do, and enemy image band, billie joe armstrong, and concert image
know your enemy - green day
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
runaway - kanye west
adam lambert, alone, and february image music, Queen, and adam lambert image
ghost town - adam lambert
quotes, song, and the neighbourhood image jesse rutherford image
afraid - the neighbourhood
All American Rejects, american, and Lyrics image Abusive image
gives you hell - the all-american rejects
Temporarily removed bastille and dan smith image
icarus - bastille
pink, quotes, and aesthetic image marina and the diamonds, marina, and marina diamandis image
homewrecker - marina
marina and the diamonds image lanadelray, primadonna, and marinaandthediamonds image
the outsider - marina
quotes, saint, and sinner image boy, roleplay, and filtered image
rip to my youth - the neighbourhood
jana, Lyrics, and random image twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and tyler image
heathens - twenty one pilots
Temporarily removed imagine dragons and dan reynolds image
demons - imagine dragons
aesthetic, alone, and art image boys, guys, and men image
lost boy - jaden smith
alternative, black, and creep image radiohead and thom yorke image
creep - radiohead
money, power, and lana del rey image lana del rey and lana image
money power glory - lana del rey
Lyrics, quote, and hunger games image edits and hg image
hanging tree - jennifer lawrence
kanye, real, and friends image theme, themes, and rptheme image
real friends - kanye west
billieeilish, dontsmileatme, and idontwannabeyouanymore image Image removed
idontwannabeyouanymore - billie eilish
90s, alternative, and blue image ๏ธlorde, melodrama, and green light image
liability - lorde
Lyrics, brockhampton, and san marcos image abstract, aesthetic, and album image
san marcos - brockhampton
album, die, and Lyrics image the 1975, band, and indie image
i always wanna die (sometimes) - the 1975
alone, art, and billie image billie eilish, black and white, and singer image
lovely - billie eilish
Lyrics, i'll be good, and jaymes young image Temporarily removed
i'll be good - jaymes young