As I wipe the stars off the windows on my space ship
gif, galaxy, and space image
Call out the spirits in my basement
ghost, american horror story, and ahs image Mature image
Crawl out the center of the snake pit
Temporarily removed black, cut, and leggings image
And fall into the middle of her greatness
love, art, and couple image
Fireballs reflect off the frames of the pictures
She's not at all impressed with the flames or the flickers
fire and hand image art, painting, and vintage image
But take her for a walk on the moon as she wear slippers
The end of the world is coming soon, I’ma miss it
moon, night, and road image moon, art, and black image stars, art, and drawing image Temporarily removed
The sky is falling down, I am falling for her quicker
We hide amongst the clouds, then we pardon the enigma
clouds, moon, and stars image again, air, and art image
High above the ground but I'm under her charisma
Her sound is in surround when I'm in her solar system
stars, art, and black image art, love, and planet image
The quiet calms my quasars, the eclipse is eclipsin’
My astronaut helmet kinda shifted, full of lipstick
space, art, and drawing image moon, night, and sky image
Planet of the aches, and she is my prescription
We out of this world, baby, we have been evicted
space, pills, and astronaut image kiss, moon, and space image
Intergalactical love
The sky is falling, intergalactical, intergalactical love
stars, couple, and boy image kiss, love, and art image
And I'll be waiting for you, for you, for you
On the dark side of the moon
quotes, Pink Floyd, and dark image Temporarily removed
And if you happen to get there before me
Leave a message in the dust just for me
If I don't see it I'll be waiting for you
On the dark side of the moon
love, art, and gif image love, art, and gif image