• Strawberry Girls
aesthetic, clothes, and clothing image Temporarily removed
never feels good enough, put friends before themselves, deep thinker and articulate speaker, beautiful outlook on life is doing their best.
  • Peach Girls
makeup, peach, and girl image accessories, apples, and earrings image
overthinks about their crush, easy to talk to, pretty room, loves old music and soft lighting, get over things fast, hardworking, goes with the flow.
  • Plum Girls
Abusive image Temporarily removed
remembers little things, questions their feelings, wishes they were taller, gets excited easily, too obsessed about what others think, smells nice.
  • Cherry Girls
Image removed cherry, eyeshadow, and fruit image
prefers the truth, daydreams a lot, get depressed when contemplating too much, doesn’t believe compliment, outwardly confident and happy.
  • Orange Girls
makeup, orange, and beauty image girl, orange, and aesthetic image
pretty handwriting, scared of disappointing others, all/nothing mindset, can’t put thoughts into words, knows when someone is lying.
  • Watermelon Girls
girl, ulzzang, and asian image eye makeup, makeup art, and watermelon image
always embarrassed, the best friend anyone could hope for, heart of gold, comforting presence, appreciates beauty, sad but stays positive.