hey! Lately many people on weheartit do the 20 question tag and I love to read them from others. So here is mine!

1. What is your eye colour?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It brown eyes, dutch, and make up image

2. What is your naturel hair colour?

hair, hairstyle, and long hair image hair, ombre, and hairstyle image
light brown/ dark blonde but I dye it light blonde

3. Do you wear glasses?

girl, eyes, and aesthetic image aesthetic, pink, and glasses image
No I don't, only fake glasses hahah

4. What is your favourite colour?

fashion, beauty, and girl image love, pink, and neon image pink, soft, and rose image Image removed
I love all shades of pink!

5. What is your zodiac sign?

scorpio image
I'm a Scorpio

6. Do you have any siblings?

baby, sisters, and family image girl, baby, and outfit image
Yes I have a big sister and a little brother

7. What is your favourite animal?

dog, cute, and animal image Image removed dog, cute, and animal image fashion, model, and photography image
I LOVE dogs!

8. What is your favourite food?

carbs, food, and healthy image pasta, food, and meal image pizza, food, and yummy image
Italian food

9. What language do you speak?

words, dutch, and voorpret image dutch, language, and lovely image
I speak Dutch and English

10. Where do you want to travel?

iphone, california, and sanfrancisco image california, palm, and palm trees image Temporarily removed beach, Carribean, and girl image africa, elephants, and instagram image
California (I want to see all of America), France, Maladives and Africa

11. Are you single or in a relationship?

single image true and single pringle image
single pringleee

12. What is your favourite tv show?

full house and family image cast, funny, and gif image
full house and modern family!

13. Do you have a job?

sky, school, and pink image study, book, and college image
Currently not but I'm still in school

14. What's your favourite season?

Image by I N G R I D beach, blue, and body image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image girls, travel, and tropical image
summer and spring

15. What's your favourite holiday?

Temporarily removed winter, snow, and house image Inspiring Image on We Heart It christmas, food, and winter image
I love everything around Christmas

16. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

beach, fashion, and girl image girl, summer, and beach image
I prefer warm weather, but I love a cold and rainy day sometimes.

17. Do you want any tattoos?

beauty, hairstyle, and skin image future, girly, and inspiration image
no, maybe a small one

18. Are you right or left handed?

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
right handed

19. Which movie could you watch over and over again and still love?

grease, movie, and vintage image grease, pink, and pink ladies image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed

20. What is your favourite music genre?

Image removed aesthetic, instrument, and Mozart image clouds, fall, and fun image
pop, but I like all kinds of music. I'm a HUGE Shawn Mendes fan so basically I listen to his music all the time.

That's it! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day! .