Hi guys! Here I'm again…

Sometimes I feel like no one understands.
How alone I feel.
How much pain I am in.

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Sometimes I feel like no one gets what I go through.
What it is like to lose the one who means so much
To fight for something you love and want.

Sometimes I feel like I am all alone against the world.
Like nobody is there to back me up and I have to prove myself to everyone.

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Sometimes I feel like they donnot know my worth.
Like I am easy in their life, just to be there.
Like it is a convenience they know me but donnot really want me there.

Sometimes I feel like it is all because there is something wrong with me.
That people donnot like me.
That they all pretend to care.

Sometimes I feel like I'm better of being away, somewhere no one knows me.
But than I know people will turn out like the ones I know now.

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Sometimes I am scared of myself.
Doing things I would never do.
Saying things I can never take back

Sometimes I feel like I lost myself in expectations.

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So I hope you guys liked it! And I'll be happy to see you in my next article…