1. what's your eye color?

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green blue

2. what's your natural hair color?

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3. do you wear glasses?

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4. what's your favorite Book?

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Alsaka from John Green

5. zodiac sign?

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6. do you have any siblings?

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Yes an older brother ( I love/hate him)

7. what's your favorite animal?

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Dogs and wolfes

8. what's your favorite food?

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sushi & pasta

9. what languages do you speak?

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fluntly... only english an german

10. where do you want to travel?

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iceland, cannada, cuba

11. what traits do you look for in a person?

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good sence of humor, idc if its a boy or a girl

12. have you ever been in love?

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I think so

13. are you single or in a relationship?

Im singleee

14. what are your favorite tv shows?

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the oa, stranger things, atypical and many other netlix shows

15. do you have a job?

nope i work from time to time by my dad but nothing regular

16. what's your favorite season?

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17. what's your favorite holiday?

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Christmas because i go sking

18. do you prefer warm or cold weather?

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19. what inspires you?

my mum and J.K.R

20. do you wear perfume?

not everyday