Hey guys! Its currently midterm season and as a college student i have become so stressed lately. So here are some tips that have helped me study for all my midterms!

  • Go to bed early before the exam 🛏
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I find having a good sleep the night before always prepares me for the exam.
  • Have a self care routine 🛁
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Whenever i feel stressed a good bath or face mask always calms me down.
  • Have a study plan 📝
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Knowing when an exam is and having the time to prepare is the key!
  • Have a quiet study area 📚
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I always like to go to my library to study or my local coffee shop!
  • Always be prepared ✍️
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Having a routine for the weeks leading up will be helpful and will make you less stressed.
  • Eating healthy and drinking water 🍓
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Eating more healthy and drinking water during exam season always helps you with fatigue and concentration.
  • Attend all your classes and ask questions 🏫
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Your teachers are there to help you so always ask questions before an exam if you need help or revision.
  • Go over past quizzes and exam questions 📖
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This is thee most helpful thing i have found in preparing for the exam because it is also revision and you become familiar with the layout of the exam.
  • Look after your body and mind 🧘‍♀️
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Doing exercise will help you focus more and also allows you to release any frustration.

Remember always to be looking after yourself during exam season and to be mindful of your mental health as well.

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