I love Elite :)

Name: Diana
Age: same as Ander, we're twins


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green/blue eyes, tanned skin, mid length brown wavy hair


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  • mysterious: she knows everything about everyone.
  • thoughtful: she understands the decisions people make.
  • humble: she doesn't praise herself for her good actions
  • self-absorbed: she doesn't open up to people fast


Diana is the twinsister of Ander. People focus more on Ander so Diana can do what she wants. She is everywhere and that's why she knows people their darkest secrets. Because she isn't outstanding people forget about her. But she is one of the most powerful people at school, because she knows everything.

Diana doesn't have a lot of friends. Her only friend is Marina, but with the arrival of the new kid Samuel, she lost Marina. Before the last schoolparty Marina goes to Diana to make it up. Diana forgives Marina and they want to become friends again, but you know it's a little to late :s


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hiking and nature
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writing, she writes every secret she knows on paper so she doesn't forget one
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dancing, since she was young she danced with Marina


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Ander, it's her brother you know

People she dislikes:

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nobody, she thinks her soulmate isn't living in her town

Who killed Marina?

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She doesn't know who killed Marina, but she is putting every puzzlepieces she has together to find out who killed her bestfriend, her only friend.

Thank you for reading! I enjoyed making this article because I love Elite a lot.