Aloha Hello 안녕 Hola Salut Ciao 你好
My name is Lia and this is my first article YAYY
I deciden to start with music bc this is basically the best way to comunicate my feelings
All this songs are literaly my anthems and this is just a part of my private playlist (yes and I'm going to show it to a bunch of strangers,lol)
with nothing more to say lets get into it
(sorry if there any grammaical mistakes but english is not my first language)

ed sheeran image empowerment, Lyrics, and music image
1. Save myself by Ed Sheeran
alone, cry, and depressed image
2. I Need Somebody by Day6
alternative, black and white, and Lyrics image Lyrics, camila cabello, and friends image
3.Real Friends by Camila Cabello
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
4.Let Me Out by Jonghyun
cry baby, indie, and Lyrics image aesthetic, blue, and cry baby image
5. Cry Baby by The Neighbourhood
Temporarily removed
6. To My Youth by BOLBBALGAN4
Temporarily removed lyric, linkin park, and 2017 image
7. One More Light by Linkin Park

Thank you for read me and I hope you enjoy it and searched the music (bc they are really good)