b a s i c s

name: sorina nicole

birthday: august 5th - leo (19 years old)

location: born in eastbourne (great britain) to an english father and a romanian mother where she lived all of her life until she moved to rennes (france) for studying a year ago

languages: english, romanian (she’s quite bilingual but really sucks at writing), french

family: her mom and dad work quite a lot but still do their best to be there for the kids; has an older brother (22 years) that she loves to death und admires even though he sometimes teases and annoys the shit out of her; counts her two old pet turtles as part of the family

sexuality: straight

p h y s i q u e

about 5’5

slender, but has curvy hips and a nice butt

small breasts

a p p e a r a n c e

girl, beauty, and hair image fit, rose, and body image beauty, denim, and fashion image girl, smile, and beauty image
long, straight, dark brown hair; almond shaped brown eyes and some freckles (but only in summer); full lips; quite tanned

s t y l e

fashion, style, and outfit image shoes, fashion, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image accessories, beige, and belt image
quite feminine; loves straight neck tops and everything lacey and velvety; she usually wears a lot of white and rosé combined with black or brown; plus black heels are her guilty pleasure

a d j e c t i v e s

passionate, generous, dogmatic, easily irritated, adaptable, caring, astute, proud

f a v o u r i t e s

colour: white and rosé

animal: elephant

food: all types of pasta

drink: water; and milk straight out of the bottle tbh

book: doesn’t like reading at all

film/tv show: peaky blinders

celebrity crush: froy gutierrez (and finn cole now that she thinks about it holy shit)

wallpaper, elephant, and pink image peaky blinders and finn cole image teen wolf, froy, and froy gutierrez image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

l i k e s / d i s l i k e s

likes: her boyfriend and friends, big cities, yellow cars, musicals, deep conversations at night, mathematics, the feeling when your abs are so sore that even laughing hurts, roses, ice cream

Temporarily removed flowers, rose, and pink image ice cream, food, and chocolate image adventure, beauty, and Best image

dislikes: coffee, reading, being ignored, social inequalities, bossy people although she is one herself, talking on the phone, not being right, soap bubbles

coffee, book, and drink image quotes, homeless, and europe image bubbles and photography image yellow, phone, and aesthetic image

q u o t e s

quotes, important, and sad image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed quotes, life, and scars image
she acts confident all the time but is deep down quite insecure and needs a lot of affirmation and validation. the others are quotes she tries to live by in order to be the best version of herself and make the most out of her life

p l a y l i s t

don't kill my vibe - sigrid

red right hand - nick cave and the bad seeds

another day of sun from the film musical la la land

can we hang on? - cold war kids

little me - little mix

sincerely, me from the musical dear evan hanson

girl on fire - alicia keys

1933 - frank turner

mine, music, and quote image blurry, couple, and hands image Temporarily removed little mix, little me, and Lyrics image

a e s t h e t i c s

fashion, inspiration, and outfit image couple, love, and Relationship image girl, black and white, and beauty image rose, flowers, and pink image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


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