Hey guys,

This article is very personel.

Today, i decided to open up my heart and write some important words.

This article is so hard for me to write it, because, first of all i do it with english and i'm not so confortable yet with this langage but i'm challenging myself to do it, and 'cause it's never easy to express yourself and put feelings in words.

But, i feel the necessity to do it, hope to free myself and go on after that.

Since years ago (three years i think) to now, i'm falling apart in infinity pieces. All what i do is a f*cking useless.
I failed in my studies, i didnt found yet my passion, i've lost all my friends.

I'm trying to work, i'm trying to get out my confort zone, i'm trying to make my life a little bit productive and complete, but NOTHING POSITIVE HAPPENED.

I know where it stared. Everything stared when my heart broke , and the next year i failed in my last and most important year of my life in high school (the final exam to go in the uni). I didnt have this exam, and everything go down from this moment when i saw that my name was not in list of the successful students.
My parents was extremly sad.
I've lost my ''friends''.
I've lost myself.

And then, the next year, i succeed and went to the uni, but i couldnt do the studies of my choice. I got my first year but, i failed AGAIN in the second year which currently (this year) i'm passing it again.

Last year, in the final exams, i didnt live the fail like two years ago, this is why i worked so hard in the exam week, but it wasnt enough because it was so late. I didnt sleep, i didnt have a good health. But it wasnt enough and i failed.

And all of this had a lot of consequences, i've lost my confidence, my hair( yes i have a big trouble with my hair now because of stress, anxiety ect..), i have not friends.

I'm feeling so lonely, so useless...

But now, i'm tired of this situation, i'm tired of myself like this.

Today, i decide to forgive myself, and it's finaly time to go on.
Today, i want to prove myself that i can climb the mountain of my sadness and go up of this bullshit and get out my face of this messy days.
Today, i decide to accept my fails, to accept that i lost a lot of time.
Today, i accept it's okey that i'm not where i wanted to be but i can now draw a new destiny.
Today, i want to be better than yesterday but less than tomorrow.
Today, i want to be the best version of myself, i want to discover the real potentiel of myself, i want to see where i can and what i get if i work very hard.

After all,
It's okey to fail but the most important is to accept it and go on.

Take care of yourself, hope to see you in my next article.