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Greetings beautiful people,

Here I am back, as I promised the last time, with the second part of my Confessions.

Here is the first part, in case you missed it;

Without further ado...

Could it be I imagined it all;
His heart beating in the rhythm of mine.
His eyes, only on me.
His lips, only for me.
His hands, only around me.
In my mind I found us to be the perfect couple.
But the reality is harsh.
The universe keeps me hurting…
Maybe it is supposed to be like this – for in pain I get inspiration to write.
But in pain, I start pulling away.
I start hiding from the world.
And I am not sure if I am strong enough to get through yet another period of cold and alone.
If I could get an answer to only one question – I would ask: „Why him?“
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Another piece about my silent misery...

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...What can I say, we all have one.

If you want to comment about my writing, need an advice or just need to "spill out" your soul to someone - you know where the message button is.

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Also, keep your eye open for the third and final (at least for now) part of my heart`s confessions: I will publish in three days.

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And that would be all for now folks!

`Till the next time,
Yours truly,