How would our 3 favorite spies be in real life?
Here is my vision of Totally Spies !!
Good reading ^^


hair, red hair, and redhead image beautiful, eyes, and face image lips, nails, and makeup image Temporarily removed Basketball, girl, and palm trees image fashion, style, and outfit image shoes, fashion, and green image tattoo, planet, and hands image autumn, fall, and friends image fashion, green, and dress image


hair, blonde, and earrings image makeup, eyes, and beauty image girl, lips, and lipstick image shopping, cartier, and chanel image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and dress image Image by Sony Domm tattoo, rose, and flowers image alternative, beautiful, and beauty image dress, red, and fashion image


hair, beauty, and hairstyle image makeup, eyes, and beauty image lips, glitter, and lip gloss image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, alternative, and bali image adidas, fashion, and yellow image yellow, heels, and shoes image black, bracelet, and girl image Temporarily removed dress, yellow, and fashion image

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