hey, lovelies,
it's been a while since I wrote something here in WHI. I am really hoping to share more amazing stuff with you but I have been so busy with my exams.
with further ado ill jump to it ...

so, for now, I decided to write a happy list since it's my happy season on doors, speaking about seasons...

I know a lot of people view winter as the very gloomy season, but for me...
that's totally different. so as you might or might not know, I lived pretty much my whole life here in Jeddah, KSA and in summer it's usually 50-degree Celsius so its a blessing if you could go out for a walk in a beautiful cloudy weather around the 20-degrees
beautiful weather, Christmas movies, and songs, cozy hoodies with a large cup of coffee with milk and cinnamon, WHats better?

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I have a lot of aunts and uncles and when I say a lot I mean A LOT like maybe +23 or something. well, that's a lot of children too.
being the first grandchild in my mom's side of the family (whom I am actually closer to) means a lot of responsibilities, yet its way more fun than anything else.
my aunts are 7-20 years older than me but that doesn't cancel the girl talk, matching pajamas, shopping morning walks, evenings spent at coffee shops, cute selfies, or even running from responsibilities together.
it's cute how I can find'em always by my side anytime.

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my hometown in the countryside is full of large mountains and steep hills that look so pretty with orange/yellow/brown rock patterns in them. I like to go up and see the pretty sunset in between the huge fluffy clouds after I take pictures of every flower I see, fall 100 times, sing to country songs on the way, and lose them while admiring the little streams of water.
after we find a nice place we set fire, make dinner, clean up, have tea and cuddle in big warm blankets and watch the stars.
memories like that are forever gold!

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this has not much to say... being an early bird, going for a morning walk, inhaling all that fresh cold air into my lungs, having coffee and being grateful for it every time, and simply being able to have my me- time, before anything else starts, is just amazing!

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when it gets cloudy sometimes I like to go for a small picnic in my neighboorhood's park with my friends, so I bake some banana bread /muffin/cake for us.
the process of making pasties is so soothing and calming for me, the asmr, the smell, and how it looks when it puffs in the oven just makes happy and calm at the same time <3

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this is my favorite sport, it makes me feel like I am literally running for my goals. after I am done I get that sensation of serenity, calmness, and happiness from just accomplishing that very simple task on my to-do list: ''run''!

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happiness comes from little things, like magic!

thnx for reading this article, feel free to check my page and latest articles


plus I would really enjoy listening to you guys, WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?