my teenage years

before turning 13 i had my first love,
at 12 praying in-front of my bathroom door
wishing somebody could safe me anybody at all
since it suffocates me to breathe despite puberty not here at all
wishing at then, the rain would start to fall
so i could hide my tears while walking through it..... fall
it was fall when he stopped it all
told me he could make them disappear forever
i believed it all
at 15, no phone call, nothing at all
just strangers, which i hoped for more.
he left me all
my soul, innocence, pure and fall
the most depressed out of the seasons after all.

at 17, i've forgotten it all
the pain the despair nothing at all
just purity with the happiness i've shown
i've shown no signs for depression at all
he was my escape, my only and all
i promised to love with forever more.
promised to stay despite it all
despite his blemishes and flaws
having a trauma for the season fall
he never left and stayed through it all
but as spring ended, let my guards fall
he promised and promised and promised
with no actions at all.
in the end he left, just like them all

both of them are my aquarius after all.