I am an ice cube. Because every time you say
"You are perfect, darling"
It is a distorted image.
So when it melts ...
You will see what is hidden behind
Only then, you wish you had not seen me
and fall for me so deep

I'll wish you had no expectations
when you'll drown in pain
The cup of your wine will be filled with bloody red.

All the tears you cried, and the blows you will give, to all the doors you find
could you break a couple of glass
you will scream until the cords of your throat are worn
I'll wish you had no expectations
with this trouble on my own

You will see as I really am.
You will see how shattered and dark my soul is.
You will see my tears and my scars.
Because that's the way it will be ... You won't see the truth.

I'm a rose, you think I'm really beautiful.
But I have not realized that by touching me
you will bleed and you will hurt
because I have thorns.
you will regret having seen me
because you opened your eyes so late.