1. melanie martinez - pacify her

Temporarily removed
"someone told me stay away from things that arenโ€™t yours. but was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?"

2. p.a.f.f, emma hewitt - give you love

angel, aesthetic, and grunge image
"no hesitation, i'll be on your side."

3. vanotek, eneli - tell me who - slider & magnit remix

fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image
"tell me who is gonna be there for you."

4. jessie ware - wildest moments

aesthetic, black & white, and car image
"baby in our wildest moments, we could be the greatest, we could be the greatest. maybe in our wildest moments, we could be the worst of all."

5. amy guess - 10 times out of 10

girl, pale, and pink image
"think we saved the best for last. if i had to do it all over again, it's you ten times out of ten."

6. rebecca black - foolish

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"my body's tripping on you. feeling higher than the moon. got me trying something new. falling into you, foolish."

7. tove lo - moments

band, black, and dark image
"i, i'm not the prettiest you've ever seen. but i have my moments, i have my moments. not the flawless one, i've never been. but i have my moments, i have my moments."

8. the rasmus - silver night

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"here, not a single light. here, in the darkest night. and the sound of silence."

9. lana del rey - summertime sadness

Image by tenderlygirl
"nothin' scares me anymore"

10. charli xcx -stay away

aesthetics, alternative, and artistic image
"do you remember what i said that first time we met? stay away, why couldn't you stay away?"

11. zella day - east of eden

window, rain, and indie image
"keep me from the cages under the control. running in the dark to find east of eden."

12. kush kush - fight back with love tonight

alternative, beautiful, and ideas image
"and when i'm lying in silence in my bed, you come crawling to my head. and I'm trying to fight back you."

13. marija - dance like nobody's watching

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14. linkin park - burn it down

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15. anna of the north - oslo

adidas, blurry, and buildings image
"you're the one that's in my heart. and it makes me feel at home. i never wanna leave you. i never wanna go. i hope you'll still be here, next year."

16. lana del rey - video games

black and white, road, and palms image
"sinยญging in the old bars. swinยญging with the old stars. living for the fame."

17. dido - end of the night

beautiful, calm, and city image
"only now itโ€™s gone, i can see the year. see for what it was, and start another day."

18. ellie goulding - halcyon

girl, night, and aesthetic image
"when it's just us, you show me what it feels like to be lonely. you show me what it feels like to be lost. i take your hand for you to let it go."

19. miley cyrus - younger now - syn cole remix

Temporarily removed
"no one stays the same. you know what goes up must come down. change is a thing you can count on. i feel so much younger now."

20. grimes - vanessa

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"hey, hey, you want to play. well baby, i can go and go. and every other day you're running off with so and so. well baby, i would throw you if i didn't know you, but i'm paying for it."

21. charli xcx, brooke candy - cloud aura

beauty, fashion, and girl image
"baby what hurts the most is when you become so cold. you're starting to hurt my heart, you left me here in the dark. now i've got to make a change, i don't want to see your face."

22. madison beer, jack & jack - all for love

Image removed
"ask me why i did it, i said all for love."

23. tove lo, lucas nord - run on love - qotc edit

Temporarily removed
"now you say it's a beautiful thing. hope we live forever, doesn't sound too clever. works as my protective wing."

24. ellie goulding - i know you care

india, kashmir, and meadow image
"i know you care, i know it is always been there. but there is trouble ahead i can feel it. you are just saving yourself when you hide it."

25. bronski beat - smalltown boy

aesthetic, grunge, and friends image
"pushed around and kicked around, always a lonely boy. you were the one that they'd talk about around town. as they put you down."

26. kylie minogue - i should be so lucky

grease, Sandy, and vintage image
"i should be so lucky in love."

27. r5 - i can't say i'm in love

cafe image
"i don't know what love is, but i know I've never felt like this."

28. tove lo - love ballad

Mature image
" 'cause this is my one true sacrifice, it never gets old. no need for you to roll the dice. i am the one to hold."

29. p!nk - secrets

aesthetic, DIA, and girls image
"everybody's got a secret."

30. ellie goulding - atlantis

black and white, body, and sea image
"where did you go?"

31. echosmith - get into my car

Image removed
"can give me something that i don't know how to live without. i don't wanna miss and i can't let this could pass me now."

32. zella day, baby e - mustang kids

Abusive image
"the mustang kids are out."

33. martin garrix, matisse & sadke - forever

Temporarily removed

34. tove lo - crave

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"bittersweet baby. summertime save me. party day hazy, oh baby. craving, i'm craving, i crave you."

35. foster the people - don't stop (color on the walls)

Temporarily removed
"walk little walk small talk big thoughts. gonna tell 'em all just what i want."

36. misterwives - reflections - gryffin remix

blue and lights image

37. grimes - oblivion

makeup, girl, and eyes image

38. billy idol - eyes without a face

johnny depp, boy, and 90s image

39. dragonette - let night fall

freedom, girl, and hair image
"we'll step it up when the sun goes down. let the night fall."

40. disclosure, the weeknd - nocturnal

Image by Reem๐ŸŒป
"the emptiness i felt from the start, will follow me 'till i fall apart."

41. imperial mammoth - dance hall days

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42. muna - crying on the bathroom floor

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