These words are useful when you want to be more expressive or improve your sentences:

너무 - Too
많이 - Many, alot
아주 - Very (used more in written Korean)
조금 - A little bit, a bit (sometimes shortened to 쫌)
진짜 - Really, truly (less formal than 정말)
정말 - Really, truly

아주 예뻐요! - It’s very pretty!

조금만 주세요! - Please only give me a little bit!

커피 아이스크림은 진짜 맛있어요 - Coffee ice cream is really delicious!

정말 이상해요 - It’s really strange

바다는 너무 시원해요 - The sea is very cool/refreshing

이 책은 정말 이상해요 - This book is really strange

저는 많이 먹었어요 - I ate alot