Now I went to several different places, like castles. We went to where my favorite artist lies to rest forever. Leonardo da Vinci is my favorite artist. And to see where he lies was kind of weird but exciting at the same time. We didn't just see castles, we saw some of the most beautiful churches. All the churches had breathtaking stain glass windows. I tried to capture the stained glass with my camera, but my camera didn't do it justice. The churches that we went to were so welcoming because some of the churches we went to had services going on and they allowed us to sit in on their services. I mean we couldn't understand what they were saying because it was all in French. The details in the churches were amazing. A lot of the churches have been around since World War 2, which is amazing. Now I'm not saying that that the castles weren't impressive, it's just that the churches were amazing. I'm going to get to my other favorite places that we went to after this chapter.