Name: Honoria Astreum

Birthday: July 27, 2001


hairstyle, hair, and braid image eyes, eye, and blue image
Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

Dress and style:

classy, Couture, and dress image aesthetic, body, and dress image dress, red, and style image dress, blue, and flowers image
She loves big and fancy dresses and can wear every color, but her favorite colors are red and pink.


crown, Queen, and princess image princess, crown, and tiara image
She has one official crown for royal events and one tiara that she's always wearing.


castle and palace image gold, white, and architecture image castle, flowers, and beautiful image pink, rose gold, and architecture image
She lives in a big castle with a huge garden, which she loves spending time in.


pig and animal image brown, dog, and poodle image
She has a teacup pig named Tiara and a poodle named Penny.


quotes image moon, night, and people image friends, ocean, and sea image quotes, words, and inspiration image
She's an extrovert and she is very open-minded. Some words that describes her are; adventurous, compassionate, flirty and determined. She's that type of person who doesn't forgive easily and she loves attention. She's always there for her friends, she can be a little bossy and she gets upset when things don't turn out the way she wants. She doesn't let people mess with her, she knows her worth.

Love intrest:

Temporarily removed sword, blacksmith, and forge image boy, Hot, and dark image love, couple, and aesthetic image
She's secretly seeing the blacksmith's son Ike.

Best friends:

best friends, feelings, and friendship image girl, dress, and friends image
Her cousins Geraldine and Anastasia. They have been best friends since they were little. Anastasia is smart and very funny. Geraldine is rebellious and she's always looking out for her friends.


arrow, aesthetic, and archery image Image removed piano, aesthetic, and blue image free, fresh, and spring image
Honoria enjoys archery, reading, playing the piano and talking walks in the garden and in the forest.

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Update; I've written another "If I were"