i'm not sure why i'm writing this other than avoiding doing any more schoolwork. Because i've got stuff to do as usual but i'm doing this.
anyway, I thought I'd go through the celebrities I really like right now, and hopefully they're a little different than the average.
check it out.

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1. Charlie Cox
So, i'm in the middle of watching the third season of Daredevil on Netflix at the moment, and I'm loving it. I'm also not sure how to act like you're blind, but he does it so well. He's got like, these doe eyes and slow blinks that make you melt. I'll stop.

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2. John Bernthal
Another Marvel one. This is the guy who plays Frank Castle in the Punisher series, and he showed up in the second season of Daredevil. He's got this ability to capture a character who is totally broken, but still fighting with everything he's got. He does it so beautifully that I couldn't help falling in love with John's version of Frank. Plus, he loves dogs.

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3. Andy Samberg
Like, oh my gosh. I love Brooklyn 99, and in watching it I think Andy Samberg as Jake makes me laugh more than anything else. He's so funny that it's beyond me.

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4. Simon Pegg
yall might think this one is weird but i don't really care. I've loved him in Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and in Hot Fuzz. He writes a lot of stuff too and is involved in just more than acting, which I appreciate.

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5. Tom Hardy
I'd probably be remiss if i didn't mention him, and he's definitely getting a lot of attention since Venom. The movie was hilarious (i've made a few posts on tumblr that have gotten thousands of notes about it lol), and Tom seems like a super chill, kind person. He was amazing as Bane in Batman and Mad Max: Fury Road is awesome.

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this was random but i hope it worked lol
thanks for reading!
- peyton