• Full Name: Billie Suzan Simons
  • Nickname(s): Bill
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: October 31
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Hometown: Miami


  • Hair
girl, hair, and curly image Mature image aesthetic, beach, and black image girl, hair, and black and white image
She has got medium long black curly hair.
  • Eyes
glitter, silver, and sparkle image brown, eyes, and aesthetic image
She got light Brown eyes. In the dark, we can see little stars Inside them.
  • Face & Body
girl, black and white, and woman image body, legs, and sexy image Temporarily removed girl, hair, and pretty image
She is a beautiful black girl. She got a slim & curvy body.


Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and black image necklace, fashion, and jewelry image fashion, black, and outfit image
She loves skirts & dresses. She Always wears black boots & necklaces. She loves dark colors.


makeup, beauty, and eyebrows image Image by isazade.nigar
She likes wearing dark colors on her lips & gold eye liner on her eyes.


gold, heart, and quotes image quotes, crazy, and grunge image Temporarily removed grateful, happiness, and happy image
She is a sarcastic & crazy girl. She is also kind & clever.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It draw, girl, and paint image dress, drink, and fun image quotes, sad, and cry image
Writting, drawing, partying & laughing.


purple, aesthetic, and soft image Temporarily removed sky, moon, and clouds image music, party, and concert image
Sewing, sky, night, stars & parties.


Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed grunge, lightning, and sky image
She hates sports, pink, The Princess & thunder.

Favorite Color(s)

dreamer, wallpaper, and neon image
Purple & black.


Her family is a family of Wizards. Her mother taught her the black Magic. One day, her father was killed by an opposing clan. They were jealous because he was too strong for a man.


baby, beautiful, and curly image black girl, love quotes, and happy smile image beauty, Queen, and site model girl image
Her mother, Sabrina Simons & her two older sisters, Nina & Larissa.

Significant Other

boy and aesthetic image
Her boyfriend, Ray Fox.

Old Halloween Costumes

Temporarily removed autumn, costume, and dark image


calculator, math, and maths image diner, food, and photography image
She is a student & a waitress. Sometimes she helps the city.

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