Hello, heartiiies I am gonna to do this tag and I want to say thank you all for hearting my last article here.
It meant so much to me but let's go on, I will show you how I imagine my life if I were famous ...

Thank you to all here on we heart it who support me all time <3


always like a princess but

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Lately, I wish for myself to have freckles. *.*
sandra bullock image sandra bullock image
As Sandra Bullock is my role model I want to look like her when I am old.

famous for

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being a successful author and I am having my own film production company


I want to wear hats but I can't find the right one

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fashion, model, and outfit image
jumpsuits, my fav
Inspiring Image on We Heart It dress, wedding, and fashion image
the for me the most beautiful dresses and then just clothes I feel comfy in


noah centineo because we have some things in common and I think we will be a good match

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A penthouse in New York, a house in London and a villa in LA of course

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meeting friends at a cafe
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demi lovato, demi, and africa image Image by 𝒜𝒽𝓁𝒶𝓂 ❥ harrystyles image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
development aid in Africa once a year for a few weeks
Image by AaaMmmmuuuNi


dog, cute, and puppy image puppy, animal, and dog image
having some dogs
car and audi image black, champagne, and city image
having an Audi and maybe a Ferrari
nails, white, and rings image
being engaged
book and library image book, library, and home image
having a big library

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