helloo. For a while, in this challenge I realized that few of my articles made a series of articles on self value. And this is a finalized and put together version of all. For sure, I'll again be writing about self value, yet if not added this is the series of four articles trying to understand some of the ups and downs inside.

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First one is about the most important topic, self value and how to value our unique selves. I try to answer this as time goes by and a piece from the answers in my mind reflected on here.

Second one is a reflection inside, asking myself how did I get hurt? What has happened in the past that has the shadows still. And try to redeem from those shadows.

In the third one the tone rises a little bit and tries to find a motivation inside the chaos we put upon ourselves. Finding the peace inside a rush that is life, find the little moments to hold on to.

And the final one shows once again how harsh we can be to ourselves, making even the littlest mistakes feel like the end of the world inside. Thus, showing the importance of self value and acceptance once again.

I am saying goodbye with the hopes that we all find the reason we are looking for, the meaning, the flow. Hope that this even had the effect of a drop of rain, spread peace, good bye...

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