Is a French name derived from the Latin 'caelum' meaning sky or heaven.

23. Scorpio.

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Average height, about 5'5". Medium long dark brown hair, not quite black. Deep ocean blue eyes, beautiful eyelashes. Light makeup. Has a small tattoo of a butterfly that she regrets. Bright skin. Likes to accessorize. Shy yet beautiful smile.

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She's the girl that everyone's jealous of in secret. An academic, she studies hard and has ambition to do well. She's focused, not easily distracted. Honest but gentle in her opinions or advice. Shy, but her close friends would tell you otherwise. Goes with the flow, doesn't usually plan too much. Exceptionally kind unless she doesn't like you. Appreciates the simple things in life; not a materialistic or fake bone in her body. Loves to read, her favourite genre being fantasy and historical fiction. Scientific thinker. Strong mentally. Down to earth, has an amazing sense of humour. A little insecure but knows where she stands and what she deserves. Cultured. Sophisticated. Cute and elegant with an inner dork. Reliable. Doesn't worry much about love, believes in "what's meant to be will be." Is infatuated by Japanese culture. Loves children. Doesn't hold grudges. Believes that mistakes and failures are necessary to realize the good and magic within you. Child at heart, loves Disney. An uplifting, light presence.

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Chic, simple, feminine, romantic. Fine details in embroidery. Lace. Sweaters. Gold accessories. Casual but still pretty.

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Greek. Australian.

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Flowers. Sunshine. Anime. Nutella. Little dogs. Music. Dance. Fashion. Cultures. Helping people in need. Psychology. Anthropology. Being with friends and family. Travelling. Tea. Baking. Fantasy novels.

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Milan, Italy

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4 bedroom apartment close to the city centre. Lives with three roommates, all of whom she's befriended. Filled with IKEA furniture. Modern, minimalist look. Pastel colours.

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Pediatric doctor. Volunteers for Red Cross and at the reading program for children in her local library in her spare time.

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She finally found her true love! He's tall, handsome, cultured, is a surgeon.. and British. Appreciates and enjoys the simple things in life just like she does. Pushes her out of her comfort zone. Optimistic. Surprises her with romantic gestures quite often. Is a secret anime and harry potter dork just like her. Loves children. Confident, not shy at all. Says things as they are. Determined. Close to fearless. Loves trying new recipes with her. Adores watching her dance when she doesn't know he is. Can sing, his voice matches hers beautifully. Believes in working hard.

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Most likely a witch, with emphasis on psychic powers. Element: air. Has an enchanting aura. Deep purple. Kind smile. Loves her ancient spell books. Close family ties. Lives in a palace, protector of a royal family.

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