A fresh new day.
So many possibilities..
Ever wondered what you could do or achieve in a day? I have. Sometimes I find myself dreaming of small adventure that I could easily do, but usually end up not doing. It can be things to do alone, and things to do with friends. Skills to learn, places to go, or simply extraordinary ordinary things. So I have come up with a few ideas you could easily do if you have some time to spare. And this time let us actully do it!!

Live every moment
- Today
Image by Ramé💕

Get out!

Do you live near a city or town? Great! That is everything you need to experience something cool. Get some friends or go alone. Go to a cafe you have never been at. Check out some monuments. Take pictures and have fun.

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Start something new

Get in the best shape you have ever been. Start eating healthy, or simply start to drink more water. OR.. start a blogg, youtube or taking photos!

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Late night adventures

Team up with that crazy friend and get out! Climb things you are not suppose to climb, dance, play old music, find a beautiful view over the city and make memories.

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Extra FALL & WINTER inspiration:

Hope you enjoyed my first article here at weheartit!
-Love Mariye