Hi guys! Im back today and with an article that i find so interesting! I´ve seen it a couple of times and i was so looking forward to doing it: "If i were.... challenge"

Now, without further ado, lets get to it!

➳ Element

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

➳ City

california, san francisco, and skyline image travel image
San Francisco

➳ Weather

rain, autumn, and fall image book, tea, and rain image

➳ Object

book, flowers, and bed image books image

➳ Colour

fashion, style, and outfit image metal, clutch bags, and vintage bags image

➳ Feeling

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

➳ Meal

food, nuggets, and Chicken image food, nuggets, and yummy image
Fried Chicken

➳ Smell

Image removed Temporarily removed
PETRICHOR (The smell that rain leaves when it falls on the earth)

➳ Season

Image by o autumn, fall, and road image

➳ Flower

Temporarily removed sunflower, flowers, and nature image

➳ Animal

Image by Belaseed Temporarily removed

➳ Gem

earrings, accessories, and blue image ring, blue, and accessories image

➳ Moment of the day

city, sunset, and sky image balloon, cocooning, and night image

Ok guys, thats it for this article, i hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did! Thanks for reading!

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