Hi, everyone! I'm Alex and I really really love Glee. It's an amazing tv serie and I can't live without it.
Glee is also a world where you can be yourself, and sing and shout and dance everytime.
Glee makes my happy and proud. I think everybody should see it.
So, this is my glee version of ABC playist!


ABC, glee, and sectionals image
(by Tina)

B. Born this way

amazing, incredible, and judge image
(by Kurt)

C. Costant Craving

glee, Shelby, and beth image
(by Santana, Shelby and Kurt)

D. Don't Stop Believing

glee, finchel, and finn image
(by Finn and Rachel)

E. Everytime

Image removed
(by Marley Rose)

F. Forget you

glee, gwyneth paltrow, and forget you image
(by Holly Hollyday)

G. Girl on fire

glee, santana lopez, and brittany s. pierce image
(by Santana Lopez)

H. How will I know

glee, I Love You, and L image
(by Mercedes, Kurt, Rachel and Santana)

I. I feel pretty/ Unpretty

glee image
(by Quinn and Rachel)

J. Just the way you are

Image removed
(by Finn)

K. Keep holding on

glee image
(by the glee club)

L. Loser like me

glee image
(by the glee club)

M. Mine

Image removed
(by Santana Lopez)

N. No Surrender

glee image
(by Puck)

O. On our way

Temporarily removed
(by the glee club)

P. Poker face

Temporarily removed
(by Rache and Shelby)

Q. ---

R. River deep, mountain high

glee, mercedes, and preto e branco image
(by Mercedes and Santana)

S. Somewhere only we know

Image removed
(by Blaine)

T. The scientist

Image by Our perfect Glee
(by Finn, Rachel, Santana, Blaine, Kurt, Brittany, Will and Emma)

U. Uptown girl

gay, glee, and uptown girl image
(by the warblers)

V. Valerie

glee, naya rivera, and santana lopez image
(by Santana and Brittany)

W. We are Young

glee and lea michele image
(by the glee club)

X. ---

Y. You're the one that I want

glee, grease, and glease image
(by Marley, Ryder, Finn and Rachel)

Z. ---

I really love glee.
So, I hope you'll enjoy it !

Love, Alex.