15 Days Writing Challenge

Hellow beautiful people!

Todays Challenge is to write a short story.

I often look at people when I´m in a city, imagining what their lives might be like. Some days ago I saw a boy at a bus stop. I´m gonna write about him now. Wow, random.

I am from austria, so my mother tongue is german. Please don´t judge me because of my bad english. Thank you.


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bus ride

It was thursday evening, I had just finished work, now I was going to the next bus stop. I listened to some music with my new headphones, which I bought with my last money. Thank god I had some left, if it had all been gone, I couldn´t have payed for all those annoying bills the hospital sent me. While thinking about it, I used a crosswalk and nearly got overrun by a car. Reality seems so far away sometimes, you don´t even know you could possibly get hurt. I portended the driver that I´m sorry and thankful that he didn´t kill me and went to the bus stop which was now right in front of me. I sat down on one of the benches and looked at my phone. No notifications. Since I had no time for my friends, it seemed like they had forgotten me. I kept starring on my phone, just that the people around me wouldn´t think, I had nothing to answer. As I was starring, I thought of how dumb that actually was. Why was I avoiding the truth over and over again? Why wouldn´t I show it to others? The reason why I had no friends anymore might actually be, that I was avoiding telling them the truth, so they thought I would keep distance to them. Maybe I pushed them away and that´s why they hate me now, but I was just trying to keep going on. I put my phone away again and closed my eyes. The music was calming me down, but it couldn´t stop my mind from getting me quite sad and kind of afraid. I began to move my fingers to the beat to calm myself down and weaken the fear. The song changed and a ballad began to crawl through my ears into my brain. Not that I hated the song, no, it just made me even sadder. I took my phone out again to change the song and checked what time it was. Only one minute left, then the bus would arrive. I put my phone back into my bag and stood up as I saw the bus arriving. Afterwards I went to the bus door, which opened right in front of me and showed the driver my ticket. Since it was already 5 pm, I was the only passenger, so I sat down at a seat which I spontaneously chose. The bus drove off immediately and I made myself comfortable. While I listened to a calm rock song, I looked out the window and began thinking again. What if. What if my mom wouldn´t have to go to the hospital? What if I had told my friends the truth? What if I had studied more when I was in school and now had a better job? What if I was rich? I wasn´t. My thought drifted away and ended in a wonderful, calming fantasy about having a better life and being happy. About 40 minutes later I woke myself up and stood up, pressed the stop button and left the bus. I looked up to the sky, it was already getting dark and I walked away - sadly not to see the world, just to go home.

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I don´t know, I never like what I write, but english texts always sound like shit because my vocabulary is poor. I hope, it wasn´t too bad.

thanks for reading!

Since I only just started writing articles, I am not an expert, but I hope you still enjoy reading those. Of course you can always give me advice! Well, thank you for reading and feel free to check out my profile, my other articles or write me a postcard. I´m very grateful! :D

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