Because I seem to never have time to write as much as I would like, or patient, or inspiration. Here it comes another kind of tag? I'm not sure.

Hello guys! How are you today? Good I hope! If not I'm always waiting with open arms!

The article I'm basing off. Hoping she doesn't get mad or something.
As I was reaching 50th question I was like: THIS NEVER ENDS?! Also, there are questions I don't even need to think about the answer, others I get super confused and others are like WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT HUMAN?
Ok, see you at the end of my preferences ;)

1.Coffee or tea?

There is no doubt in this one, tea. I. Don't. Like. Coffee!

2. Black and white or color?

Black and White, but depends.

3. Drawings or paintings?

Hm... Drawings?

4. Dresses or skirts?

Dresses! Easy beasy

5. Books or movies?

Damn, it's far more easy to like a book.

6. Pepsi or Coke?


7. Chinese or Italian?

But... But... they are both great...

8. Early bird or night owl?

None? Just let me sleep all day and all night.

9. Chocolate or vanilla?

Scent: Vanilla. Flavor: Chocolate.

10. Introvert or extrovert?

Unfortunately or not, I'm extremely introvert. But I'm so much better, I swear!

11. Hugs or kisses?

Hugs all the way. I have to really, really, really like someone to be giving kisses. and hugs are far more comfortable and loveable.

12. Hunting or fishing?

Fishing sounds better.

13. Winter or summer?

Winter, hello!!!

14. Spring or Autumn?

When I was younger, spring. Now I'm more on Autumn side, damn allergies.

15. Rural or urban?


16. PC or Mac?

PC, nerver worked with a Mac, sorry.

17. Tan or pale?


18. Cake or pie?

Cake, I don't think I eat pie...

19. Ice cream or yogurt?

pft, this is the easiest question ever. Ice cream, duh.

20. Ketchup or mustard?

Ketchup, mustard is ew.

21. Sweet pickles or dill pickles?


22. Comedy or mystery?

Comedy, I like a good laugh.

23. Boots or sandals?

Boots, sorry but I don't like feet.

24. Silver or gold?

Silver, my mothers fault.

25. Pop or Rock?

PopRock? Alright, alright... rock.

26. Dancing or singing?


27. Checkers or chess?

searching the translation for: Checkers
Answer is checkers!

28. Board games or video games?

Board games!

29. Wine or beer?

None, not a real fan of the alcohol.

30. Freckles or dimples?


31. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce?

Whatever that is.

32. Body weight exercises or lifting weights?

Eh... Does running stairs up count?

33. Baseball or basketball?


34. Crossword puzzles or sudoku?

I'm lazy, none. Doodles on the side of the pages.

35. Facial hair or clean shaven?

Eh, there are some pretty hot with facial hair, but others not so... it depends, truly.

36. Crushed ice or cubed ice?

What kind of questions are these!

37. Skiing or snowboarding?

Never did any but skiing sounds better.

38. Smile or game face?

What the heck does this mean? I guess I'll go with smile?

39. Bracelet or necklace?


40. Fruit or vegetables?

Fruit, eheh.

41. Sausage or bacon?

Bacon, oinc oinc.

42. Scrambled or fried?

Searching, thanks google. I like both!

43. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

Ah-ah-ah. I don't like white, ew ew. Does that answer it?



44. Tattoos or piercings?


45. Antique or brand new?

Midterm slash new.

46. Dress up or dress down?

Dress down, just a little bit.

47. Cowboys or aliens?

Aliens? I'm not sure about this question.

48. Cats or dogs?

Bark, bark.

*49. Pancakes or waffles? *


50. Bond or Bourne?


51. Sci-Fi or fantasy?


52. Numbers or letters?


53. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Not a fan, of neither. But Harry Potter.

54. Fair or theme park?

I think I never went to a theme park so... Fair.

55. Money or fame?

I can be a bit greedy, money.

56. Washing dishes or doing laundry?


57. Snakes or sharks?

To what? To eat me? Sharks.

58. Orange juice or apple juice?

If it's that clear juice, apple. If it's natural, orange.

59. Sunrise or sunset?


Sunrise means I'm awake too way soon. I deserve some sleep, come on!

60. Slacker or over-achiever?

Over-achiever -sighs-

61. Pen or pencil?

Pencil,automatic pencil actually.

62. Peanut butter or jelly?

Ew, peanut butter. Jelly all the way.

63. Grammys or Oscars?

Which ever gives me an award for not giving school up.

64. Detailed or abstract?

Erm... Not sure.

65. Multiple choice questions or essay questions?

Depends on the topic.

66. Adventurous or cautious?

Cautious :(

67. Saver or spender?

Saver, Scrooge McDuck. (a.k.a. tio patinhas)

68. Glasses or contacts?


69. Laptop or desktop?


70. Classic or modern?

it... depends?

71. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?

Personal chef, please.

72. Internet or cell phone?


73. Call or text?


74. Curly hair or straight hair?


75. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening?


76. Spicy or mild?


77. Marvel or DC?


78. Paying a mortgage or paying rent?

Rent, I'm not sure.

79. Sky dive or bungee jump?

Sky dive.

80. Oreos or Chips Ahoy?.

Chips Ahoy.

81. Jello or pudding?

If it's grandma, I want her pudding.

82. Truth or dare?

Truth, eheh.

83. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?

Roller coaster.

84. Leather or denim?

Jacket, leather. Jeans, denim.
I don't know, honestly, who made this questions?!

85. Stripes or solids?

Stripes are awesome but they don't like me, so solids!

86. Bagels or muffins?

What are bagels? Eh... I don't know.

87. Whole wheat or white?


88. Beads or pearls?


89. Hardwood or carpet?


90. Bright colors or neutral tones?


91. Be older than you are or younger than you are?.

Younger, dude this is awful.

92. Raisins or nuts?

Ew, raisins, ew. Definitely, nuts.

93. Picnic or nice restaurant?


94. Black leather or brown leather?


95. Long hair or short hair?

Whatever suits you, but I'll have long.

96. “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim”?

Dude, what the heck!

97. Fiction or non-fiction?


98. Smoking or non-smoking?

Non, I'm such a good girl.

99. Think before you talk or talk before you think?

Meh, depends. I can't choose one. Truly.

100. Asking questions or answering questions?

Answering, I'm awful asking things, sorry.

Oh god, I think I wasted all my time pasting the questions. I am totally dying. Don't mind if some aren't answered.
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