I dream of a year abroad since 6th grade and if everything goes good this dream becomes true next year.
Im gona share this journey here on we heard it.
From the start to the beginnig
From 0 to 100
From Germany to Canada

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The first step is to inform yourself.
Find out if you are realy ready to go on this adventur and if you can afford this trip, i watched a lot of yt videos to know if i realy want this.
Talk to your parents and convince them to go to a "exchange year fair"


Go to a "exchange year fair" wher you can meet a lot of organizations.
Talk to them, ASK QUESTIONS and inform yourself.


You'll get a lot of flyers and brochures with informations about the organizations and the countrys.
Sort out and make appointments with your fav's

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this is my next step, to talk to my fav organizations.
I'll keep you up to date


PS: i do this to practis my englisch so pls correkt my mistakes

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